Action in Confinement

Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit


A tight space can feel stifling, in both the home and the soul (Source)

In today’s Lord of the Rings passage we read:

‘But still we will not sit idle and let Him do all as He would,” said Mablung. ‘These cursed Southrons come now marching up the ancient roads to swell the hosts of the Dark Tower. Year up the very roads that craft of Gondor made. […] The road may pass, but they shall not!'”

And in today’s Scripture readings we hear:

Let us know, let us strive to know the LORD; as certain as the dawn is his coming,
and his judgment shines forth like the light of day!” (Hosea 6:3)

Most of us live now in some sort of confinement: social distancing, self-isolation, quarantine. Under this duress, our own planning (or lack there of) can turn against us: the roads we had built in our lives to facilitate efficiency, ease our busy schedules, allow for frequent social gatherings, are now used by the Enemy to make us anxious, to make us lonely, to tempt us to doubt and despair. And so, even with the land swelling with uncertain darkness, we must act even in our confinement. Simple intentional choices–to reach out even remotely, to pray even frustrated, to help even a previously-unknown neighbor–are what allow the light to continue to shine forth. In continuing the cause of life and love even through this trial, we are even more so coming to know the Lord.

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