Hope in Hopeless Times

The Black Gate is Closed


Before the Black Gate (Source)

In today’s Lord of the Rings passage we read:

After all Sam never had any real hope in the affair from the beginning; but being a cheerful hobbit he had not needed hope, as long as despair could be postponed.”

And in today’s Scripture readings we hear:

I heard a tongue I did not know: ‘I removed his shoulder from the burden; his hands moved away from the basket. In distress you called and I rescued you.'” (Psalm 81:7 8)

When faced with overwhelming circumstances–things beyond our power to control, to influence, to even understand–what is our response? Do we fall into despair? Or do we resolve ourselves to persevere nevertheless? For even in situations where human hopes seem thwarted, there is a higher form of hope: a hope in a promise long ago given and renewed in every generation, that has rescued us before in our distresses.

Past Reflections
Year A: On Finding the Gate Barred Against You
Year B: On Oliphaunts
Year C: On Discernment

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