For Frodo

The Black Gate Opens

For Frodo (Source)

For Frodo (Source)

It all comes down to this:

For Frodo.

The long road of Middle earth have we journeyed. The long days of Lent have we passed. We have seen legends rise up from the grass and miracles occur in places least expected. We have reflected on ourselves and on our purpose, toiled with our labors and sought to do good by our actions. We have considered the true and beautiful, and mused upon what it would take to preserve them. Finally, at last, we arrive at Holy Week, near the eve of the Triduum, and we can fully grasp the answer.

For Frodo.

It’s a desperate gambit: a hopeless roll of the dice. The land of shadow has been emptied to stymie our progress: our enemies surround us and press our defenses. Our greatest fears have been realized: what tokens are shown to us that reveal the seeming folly of all that we have done? We have sent our dearest friend, the one we care about the most, into fire, into darkness, into death itself. He has gone beyond our sight to sacrifice himself for our sakes, bearing the burden he did not create to rid it from the world forever. At the very gates of Hell itself we stand valiantly against the tide of the darkness, and we pause.

For Frodo.

What is our Frodo? What rallies us for the last sprint of our pilgrimage, kindles our souls as the whole world seems to crumble around us? Though we have weakened spirits and fearful hearts, what shall hold us to our cause in these last days? What matters most in the end, when the trappings of civilization lay behind us and all that we are left with is our fortitude and our fellowship in the midst of the desolation of death?

For Frodo.

It is all for naught – and yet, it is not. In the most unexpected ways does good triumph. Who would have believed a hobbit could have become a hero to carry the One Ring to the very slopes of Mt. Doom? Who would have believed a God could have become man to carry one’s sins to the very slopes of Golgotha? A change is in the air, and a rumor is stirring in the camp: The Eagles are coming! The Eagles are coming!

Those were the dreams of the tales of long ago – but what hope do we have as we near the end of our tale? The same hope that set us out on this journey, that has been with us since the beginning:

For Frodo.


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